moving on

we enter into a posture

experience it fully

then let go

and move on

this is yoga.

Today I had a nauseating headache that I later learned is called a migraine. Then I had a conversation that my heart had been desiring but my simple mind had no awareness of. I was pleasant and indifferent and then my heart took control of my vocals and said

“I’m ready

to move on.”

I was just as shocked as he was at this declaration.

of truth.

My poor heart, like a caged bird wanting to sing

wanting to soar

and my busy body and brain were so dominant that we didn’t hear

the soft whisper

so it turned into a scream

and that got my attention! and so I put down those bags I had been carrying. and now I too can soar

a little higher.

a couple more years

I’ve got a couple more years on you, baby, that’s all.
I’ve had more chances to fly and more places to fall.
And it ain’t that I’m wiser,
It’s only that I’ve spent more time with my back to the wall.
And I’ve picked up a couple more years on you, baby.. that’s all.
I’ve walked a couple more roads than you, baby, that’s all.
And I’m tired of runnin’ while you’re only learning to crawl.
And you’re headin somewhere,
But I’ve been to somewhere, and found it was nowhere at all.
And I’ve picked up a couple of years on you baby, that’s all.

On Love

Love doesn’t exist,

Love brings everything into existence

Love is not meaningful,

Love brings meaning to everything

Perfect Equanimity 

Look how any mirror will reflect with perfect 
equanimity all actions before it.

There is no act in this world that will
ever make the mirror say “no”. 

The mirror, like perfect love,
will just keep giving of itself
to all before it. 

To each passerby, 
so polite, so grand,
so compassionate. 

How did the mirror ever get like that? 

It watched God.