Strength & Grace


This week I am at my annual STEM camp, serving as a camp counselor to 94 thirteen-year-old girls. I am always in awe of their creativity and kindness. I am sheparding them along and helping them navigate this thing called life, wondering how I can best show up for them, how I can give them what they need to be empowered… I stop and smile because on this Monday, four of my best friends randomly texted me, sending me love, quotes and well wishes. I smile because I feel so loved and I smile because everything is energy.

life isn’t happening to you, it is responding to you. 

I am here giving these girls all the love and support I can muster up (even with a cold!)

and simultaneously, my friends are sending that energy right back to me.

if you come from a place of resentment, negativity, dishonesty…. the world will give it back to you.

if you come from a place of love, the world around you will respond with love.

in the truly Sublime words, “love is what I got”


know what i mean?

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