whatever is meant to be with you

will be with you


Strength & Grace


This week I am at my annual STEM camp, serving as a camp counselor to 94 thirteen-year-old girls. I am always in awe of their creativity and kindness. I am sheparding them along and helping them navigate this thing called life, wondering how I can best show up for them, how I can give them what they need to be empowered… I stop and smile because on this Monday, four of my best friends randomly texted me, sending me love, quotes and well wishes. I smile because I feel so loved and I smile because everything is energy.

life isn’t happening to you, it is responding to you. 

I am here giving these girls all the love and support I can muster up (even with a cold!)

and simultaneously, my friends are sending that energy right back to me.

if you come from a place of resentment, negativity, dishonesty…. the world will give it back to you.

if you come from a place of love, the world around you will respond with love.

in the truly Sublime words, “love is what I got”


I used to tell myself that he pushed me off a cliff

i didn’t want to go, it was a forced, detested fall

but the truth is

he held my hand and walked me to the ledge

my vision blurred from tears

i peered over edge

and leaped.

I leaped, knowing that the net would appear

I didn’t know when, or how,  or what it looked like

but I knew I would be caught in the warm embrace of Love

and that I did.

and on the way down, I flapped the little chicken wings I forgot I had

I tapped into my own strength and a lifetime of sacred faith

more guys like you

God made guys like you make girls like me

swing and dip with the guidance of your hip

my cheeks burn from laughter as our karaoke gets louder

and it really doesn’t matter that we are the only ones dancing

God made nights like these for folks like us

more whiskey

more singing

more smiling

more guys like you my love


My Brother’s Keeper

Nothing brings me more joy

than the unconditional love, support, and laughter from my brothers.

Knowing that they have my back is an endless source of strength and comfort.

We grab drinks and laugh about this journey called life and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

They are their sister’s keeper

I am brother’s keeper.


summer nights

home of the free

land of the lush

music, friends, and a county crush

Never did I ever think I would find myself here. Alabama blares through the speakers as whiskey swirls in my stomach and a cowboy teaches me swing. Beneath that big dark sky our philosophies seem so insignificant. Whether you are branding cattle or planting seeds, we all want the same things. To love and be loved. To be held together when life tries to tear you apart. To have your heart cherished and trust restored. and that my dear, is what summer nights are for.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.– RUMI