The Road Less Traveled

Here’s the thing about being different

it requires you to Know yourself, Trust yourself, and to Honor yourself.

That is huge. To know yourself, really truly know who you are in this world

some people/most people, never get there.

This is a big, loud, noisy world. And for you to take that long journey inside of yourself, is no small task. It is uncomfortable. It’s uncharted territory. But when you do break through those comfort zones, you expand your understanding of your Self.

My encouragement to anyone embarking on that journey, on finding your Path, is to tune out anything and everything that distracts you from your higher purpose. Are you really here to bicker? To fuss over traffic? To stumble over gossip? Or, are you here to be of service to others? To Lift Up others? To use your voice to speak Truth to Power?

When I transition out of this world and into the next, I want to be remembered as one who contributed to the betterment of society, not just another mindless consumer. And to do that kind of work requires me to Know myself, Trust myself, and Honor myself. It requries me to not be concerned with the opinions of others, not keeping up with the Joneses, and not trying to fulfill other’s expectations of me. Every night when my head hits the pillow, I answer to Myself. Am I proud of who I was today? Did my Actions represent my Highest Self? Is this the Best Life I can be living? Can I do better?

Strive to be a person You are proud of. The type of person you think this world needs more of. You may be suprised where it leads you.