Movers and Shakers

There are two types of people in this world.

The kind of people who see a problem and do something about it, and the kind of people that accept problems and keep to themselves.

I am a doer. A questioner. A thinker. A speaker. A mover. and yes, a shaker.

My mind is consumed with perennial philosophies, moral dilemmas and solutions to seemingly simple social issues (they are never simple). That ‘s just me. Always looking to improve myself and the world around me. Being this way, positions me in direct opposition to those who lack imagination and the spine to stand up for what is right.

This microfoundation rears it’s relentless little head in the mundane as well as the ideological. Just the other day I am walking to drop off donation requests for a nonprofit, when two young boys are walking in front of me. One maybe 11 and one maybe 8. They are kicking and playing with an empty bottle, when the older one decides to leave it in the middle of the sidewalk. Without skipping ¬†a beat, I yell out

“are you going to leave that there?”

older boy: we found back there, it’s not ours. Someone else left it there.

me turning into my mom: “That’s okay, you have it now so throw it away”

He runs back and picks it up, when he catches up to me I gently pat him on the shoulder and say “there ya go, come on, you’ve got to set the example for the younger generation, show them what’s right”. He nods sheepishly and walks it over to the trash.

Maybe I am annoyingly nosey or maybe I am doing what we should all be doing, just using our voice and our presence to direct people towards operating at a higher level, towards stepping into a better version of themselves.

Additionally, a couch has been abandoned on the sidewalk in front of our law firm over a week and a half ago. Half the cushions are missing and it has been rained on for several days. Some of the neighbors are sitting on the back and arm of the couch now as they smoke cigarettes in their pajamas. They toss their used butts into the gutter and shuffle back inside. This is what is wrong with the world. People see a problem and find a way to use it for their benefit rather than so something to remedy it.


In a world of Donald Trumps and exploitive business practices, why not be different? Why not be someone who gives a shit? Why not be a mover and shaker?