Brahmacarya | Moderation

brahmacharya-patanjalis-yoga-sutras_17Traditionally, Brahmacarya refers to celibacy and sexual energy. Today, we think of it as the right use of energy,  moderation, or non-excess. It’s literal translation means to “walk with God”.

Moderation is the intentional resistance of the culture of overindulgence. In things, in food, in booze, in relationships, and yes – in sex. Are you energized by food or obsessed with it? Do you enjoy a glass of wine or are you intoxicated by it? Do you shop out of necessity or impulse? When we examine these areas honestly, we become aware of our energy – where it goes, what consumes it and what rejuvenates it.

Brahmacarya is allows us to focus on our true desires. It’s that feeling of peace after letting go of an addiction, a craving, a closest full of stuff, a negative relationship or habit. Moderation creates room for calm, clear energy that we paint our best days with.


This moral restraint is about directing our energy and the mind inward, away from the external desires and pleasures that are always fleeting. Turning inward, we find true peace, joy and fulfillment. Turning inward, we find God.

Brahmacharya as ‘right use of energy’ leads us to consider how we actually use and direct our energy. And by doing so, we are led to freedom. True freedom from desire and dependencies.

Be awake to the senses, but not led by them.