On Consumption

It’s Saturday morning, sunshine peaks through the windows and highlights my little Poochy’s face. He is the sweetest thing. Kyle strumming on his Martin as I read and write and contemplate / my usual weekend routine.


I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Last American Man, a thoughtful gift from my brother- and wow. Simply beautiful and thought provoking. It’s a powerful story about man, nature and the consequences of exploitation. I’m not convinced that I need to move the mountains and wear buck skin, but the story aligns with an essential truth about life.

That the consequences of overconsumption are deadly. We learn this from nature and see it played out in society. Nature never takes more that what it needs, there is no greed. When a plant receives too much water it drowns, or not enough light and it dries up. Greed, is purely a human creation. When humans over-consume, when we take more than what we need, it deteriorates the integrity of our bodies, our relationships, our economy and our environment. This is what cancer is- the body taking more than what it needs. This is obesity. This is fracking. Domestic abuse. The 2008 housing crisis. Hoarding. Wales dying from plastic ingestion. . .

I have found that pure joy and peace come easily to me when I am in nature, alone with my boyfriend, planting flowers, on a walk with a friend, listening to my Nana’s stories. What we need to be complete is so simple and free.

My encouragement to you is to be intentional about your life. About the possessions you have, the ways in which you consume, and the value you place on materials.