On Peace

In all of life,

nothing is more important

than that God turns his face toward us in grace

to give us Peace


Time vs Space

“There is a realm of time where the goal is not to have, but to be

not to own, but to give

not to control, but to share

not to subdue, but to be in accord.”

-The Sabbath | Joshua Heschel

Life goes wrong when the control of space and the acquisition of things of space, becomes our sole concern- when we seek to dominate the world instead of ourselves. This has been one of the biggest lessons for me in 2014. The awareness of realms of time and space, and how deeply interrelated they are, how deeply relevant they are. I used to think that certain days or places or events were inherently significant (like birthdays, graduations, churches or new years eve) but this is not so. It is not a thing that lends significance to a moment it is the moment that lends significance to things. It is being fully present and connected that connects to the full sacred potential of average things.

Abraham Joshua Heschel comments, ” We have often suffered from degradation by poverty, now we are threatened with degradation through power”. I think one of the most challenging ideas for this generation is not how to overcome poverty and disease, but to overcome consumerism, greed and the desire for power. There is something inherently dangerous about the constant desire for more. Things can threaten our liveliness, our connectedness, and our our very being as they become distractions from who we really are. This is why I love the concept of Minimalism. Minimalism empowers you to live and be with intention- compared to with desire.

2014 was an amazing year of discovery, reconciliation, and peace. This is what I have learned:

Nothing works unless you do

Judge a tree only by the fruit it produces

Do everything with love and intention

Forgiveness is the greatest gift

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life

Turned to God before you turn to people

Effort can trump ability.

On Place

We often find ourselves in spaces that seem like the last spot on earth we would have picked to insert ourselves, engaged in things that we never images ourselves having to do, but we can know this comfort; that wherever we are, we are in the very residence of God and this is sweeter and greater than anywhere without him.

-David Crowder | Praise Habit

“What is necessary, after all, is only this: solitude, vast inner solitude. To walk inside yourself and meet no one for hours – that is what you must be able to attain.”

Rainer Maria Rilke