my friend

the other night I had one of the most amazing dreams of my life. I was on a wildlife tour with my roommate and at the very end, we slipped into a large body of water. As we treaded water and leaned against a railing/enclosure of some sort, we held a very large map/laminated tour guide and via the reflection in this large map I saw an even larger, very large, oversized sea otter of some sort. He was about the size of a killer whale but had the face and arms of a sea otter minus whiskers. I turned around to meet his eyes. He smiled at me and reached out his arms as I smiled and exclaimed, “I LOVE HIM”. My oversized sea otter friend hugged me and kissed my face and I was so happy I might have cried. Anyway, I woke up and was so stoked off this dream for the following days. Kyle and I tried to find my dreamlike creature at the Natural History Museum…this is the most accurate pictorial representation I could muster up.

the expression on his face and firm grasp of me is key.


know what i mean?

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