I like taking melatonin before 10, passing out on Saturday nights, and waking up before 9 on Sundays. It’s my thing. I like making coffee in the morning, nerding out over a new art project, reading a book or re-organizing the piles of paper on my desk. It’s that quiet, peaceful, up before anyone else kind of calmness that I cherish. Enables the best kind of mental clarity and retrospect. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had an hour or so to think about life on a frequent basis. Some times we get so caught up in the monotony, chaos and daily shuffle, that we forget to tend to our most basic necessity, ourselves.

Kyle came to visit and we had an amazing trip to New York, and an extended stay in DC courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. New York is one of those cities that you have to experience for yourself. No amount of movies or poetry will ever fully justify the overwhelming array of color and aroma that covers the street. Characters, taxis and gyros stands synch themselves with the pace of the day, the metro and the ever present sense that this is life. its all happening right now.

I’ll share stories and clips after its all settled. I took a thousand pictures, trying desperately to commit it all to memory.


know what i mean?

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