bitter is the new black

I think living on the East Coast has severely damaged my California-positive-care-free mindset. Everyone in this city is a drone. Like zombies they file in and out of metro stations, quickly shuffling past each other in silence as if they CANNOT wait to get to their cubicles where they will remain stationed for 8 government hours staring into an LED screen while being audibly bombarded with political rhetoric from news stations. i honestly dont know how they do it.

humans were not design to live like this .

i need a bit more.

i need community

fresh air


and fresh ideas.

I think what I don’t like about being on Capital Hill is that its a lot of talking about other peoples ideas. Combating them, researching them, debating them, and undermining them. Sometimes it just feels so void of originality.

I miss the coastal breeze. the east bay fog and diversity. i miss the way bus drivers greet each other on Ashby, the eclectic mirage of telegraph and sound of drumsticks beating against trash cans.

i dream about the golden gate bridge. our first kiss. holding hands. anticipation. and the way your eyes focus when you say my name.

i miss the way being in love makes you feel so alive.

tonight all i feel is numb from the cold, and a little rush of warmth from the wine.


know what i mean?

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