DC Nights, Alexandria Mornings

Things have been going great in DC. It’s been a non-stop adventure party of meeting people, going places, getting situated and learning my address. We took Mark out for his birthday the other night – the boys quickly learned that they need to dress the part if they dont want to be looked at as “that guy” wearing khakis and a tshirt at the bar, they had fun with it. 

Friday night I was pretty burned out so we had Girls Night in, which is one my favorite past times with Chris and Mia. I love just hanging around the house, doing girly shit, relaxing and laughing. I miss them both so much, I hate how things have changed.

I spent some time with my brother too at his place in Alexandria. It’s comforting to be close to family. I stayed there by myself last night just to have some alone time and reflect. Not that I really did any reflecting or reading, but I did get to talk and skype with Kyle for a long time which felt really good. I miss his company; his affection and light-heartedness.


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