Change is the only constant in my life.  Swapping cities, schools and men like players on a chess board. An ability I cherish, my independence, my freedom. The comfort of support and the thrill of mystery.
I’ve been on the move since 18. From San Luis to Botswana, London to the East Bay, carried by ambition and the wind.
Family and friends have come to terms with my coming and going.  Shane wraps me in his goodbye, “I’m gonna miss you AJ” as  I sigh, “me too, another 4 months”.
Im sitting on a plane mid flight to DC. My body isn’t the only thing in the clouds. I haven’t stopped thinking about Kyle since driving away from from his place this morning. We spent the majority of our last time together in silence. I held his eyes like a bible, sacred and true. Looks conveying what words failed. And in that moment we were just two people wondering why things are the way they are. Wondering why after a decade I knowing each other, weeks before I embark on another journey our hearts collide like stars
this binary formation unbreakable
and this distance breaks my heart.

know what i mean?

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