the mornings are mine // carry on

I love being up in the morning

before the neighbors

before the sun

before the days adversities set in and I smile, bite my tongue and carry on

because anger, bitterness and resentment hinders progress

it only hurts yourself

I’ve been making a list of affirmations, positive words I tell myself when no one else will – not that I am not surrounded by supportive people – because I am, but sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Today I am reminding myself that everyday I become the person I want to be. In my thoughts, in my words, my actions and my intentions – all culminate into the woman I am, the woman I want to be.

Sometimes its really fucking hard. But that’s what separates you from me. I am the master of my mind, my fate – the captain of my soul.


” I keep going because I don’t see the productive value of being bitter. What else do you do? Do you get so bitter that you give up? To me, I’m part of the human famliy. What the human family will accomplish, I can’t control. So how do you keep on? I can’t help it. I don’t claim to have any corner on any answer, but I beleive that the struggle is eternal. Somebody else carries on.”
-Ella Baker 


know what i mean?

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