justice is the lords’

left to my own devices

i am vengeful, weak and  judgemental

i seek to control situations and get angry when my efforts are defeated

today i had all sorts of vindictive thoughts running through my head

all the crafty, twisted little ways i could slice someone, tell them about themself

i really had myself going, all sorts of blueprints drafted in detestation

then i heard the word

that justice is the lords

and i had a reality check. a humility check.

that no matter how fucked up other people are, how angry i get, how unjustly i am treated,

vengeance is the lords. 

justice is the lords. 

i am the not the lord. it is not my place to reprimand, to correct errors, to point out flaws

the only reason we should acknowledge the flaws in others is only to deepen our hatred of what is ugly within us. In turn, deepening our wonder of a God who forgives so much.

how quickly i forget. how foolish i am on my own.

so i took all that crippling animosity and turned it into a prayer.

that i would be wise about the ways i pursue justice.

that God would throw my anger into an ocean of grace like a block of salt. dissolve it in the vastness of His love. let the waves of redemption renew my heart.


2 thoughts on “justice is the lords’

  1. yeah definitely, i agree. It’s absolutely another way of saying that. I only say it’s the “Lords business” because thats whats been true for me in my life. You can think of it as personal will, karma, the universe, mother nature, Allah . . . whatever has been true in your life.
    The idea is still the same, that it’s not in our power or role to delegate whippings to the whip-worthy!
    Most of my writing has Christian inspired language because thats whats been real in my life. As most major religions and ideologies, the underlying morals are synonymous with each other, and I think that’s whats important. Whatever gets you to that point of self-realization and keeps you positive!

  2. It sounds like you realized you were doing things you don’t want to do today and stopped yourself (awesome!) I would bet you realized these things before you heard the word.

    I think that “justice is the lords” is another way of saying “someone else is going to give them what they deserve”. same with “vengeance is the lords”. And good on ya! even when people are shitty we don’t need to take it into our own hands to try to change / punish them!

    I don’t think you are being foolish at all here, you realized that were thinking bad things about someone(s), changed your train of though because it doesn’t do you any good to get all negative, and PRESTO! that was all you!

    I think you can turn crippling animosity into understanding and course reversal all by yourself.

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