Things Fall Apart//Character

I think when most of us are faced with a problem, we attempt to resolve it a particular way. And when that way fails, we use intensify our efforts. Rather than being frustrated by repeated efforts, sometimes solutions emerge more clearly in the quietness of letting go than it will in the urgency, frustration, and desperation of pushing harder. 

Today was heavy. I’ve been challenged in more ways than one. Life is like that sometimes. It’s failed efforts, frustration, headaches and obstacles. It falls apart sometimes. Life is biting your lip and swallowing your pride. It’s speaking beauty and truth despite all the lies. It’s remaining positive even when your voice shakes and your eyes cry – but not till you leave the building, because you’re a strong woman who can handle character assaults. And thats the thing about character. Is that when we ask God for something like strength or patience, He doesn’t give us those qualities, He gives us opportunities to practice them.

Character, is who you are when no one is watching. Because decisions are made every day in our minds and in our hearts, about what kind of person we are going to be, about our character.

And to remain resilient in the face of adversity, is to build a strong character.


know what i mean?

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