summer vibes

So many good things, news and people!

I got my final grades back, three A’s and a B+  That feeling of relief and satisfaction that comes after putting all your effort into something and seeing it come into fruition is truly priceless (unless I get a job in politics, then I guess it will pay off). I took on four upper division classes, one of which was a research seminar) and it may have been a bit much, but I managed to balance it with work and running and family and sewing and friends and all that other good stuff that comes along with life. Its been awhile since I’ve really been proud of myself, and DAMN IT FEELS GOOD 🙂

 I may make poor relational decisions or waste my time with loser friends at dive bars, but my education is one thing that I will never sacrifice for a boy or a beer. It’s been said that education is one thing no one can ever take from you, and I believe in that like I believe in Christ’s redemptive grace. Eternally blessed by both.

I spent the morning with my beautiful lades at the food bank, assembling bags of food for our brothers and sisters in need. Ive been working there for the past 5 years whenever I’m in town. Its so heartwarming to come back to that little family of old ladies serving their community, they have the biggest hearts and hairpieces. They teach me a lot about life and expiration dates, bless their little souls! Today I channeled my inner Martha and made some new labels for the shelves in the warehouse….how cute are these?

Spent the rest of the day in my new office, reading a book I ordered off Amazon. Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors, I encourage you to read any of his books, very inspiring and practical.

know what i mean?

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