sunday study sesh

On the roof at the boy’s place. So bright and beautiful out today! Soakin up them summer rays while I can. Tomorrow is my last final and then Sac bound for awhile. This semester went by really quick, but its been great. I feel a 100000 times smarter than before I came to Cal, and I’ve been blessed with some amazing men in my life who give me so much love and support, whether its putting gas in my car, surprising me with smoothies in class, calming me down from exam stress or just listening to my pathetic love life schemes, they’ve shown me a lot about what it looks like to treat a woman right – so much so that I’m almost inclined to step up my dating standards..almost…

I really feel like I have a home here in Berkeley now, and it feels really good.

God gets all the glory.


know what i mean?

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