My Golden Birthday


summer vibes

So many good things, news and people!

I got my final grades back, three A’s and a B+  That feeling of relief and satisfaction that comes after putting all your effort into something and seeing it come into fruition is truly priceless (unless I get a job in politics, then I guess it will pay off). I took on four upper division classes, one of which was a research seminar) and it may have been a bit much, but I managed to balance it with work and running and family and sewing and friends and all that other good stuff that comes along with life. Its been awhile since I’ve really been proud of myself, and DAMN IT FEELS GOOD 🙂

 I may make poor relational decisions or waste my time with loser friends at dive bars, but my education is one thing that I will never sacrifice for a boy or a beer. It’s been said that education is one thing no one can ever take from you, and I believe in that like I believe in Christ’s redemptive grace. Eternally blessed by both.

I spent the morning with my beautiful lades at the food bank, assembling bags of food for our brothers and sisters in need. Ive been working there for the past 5 years whenever I’m in town. Its so heartwarming to come back to that little family of old ladies serving their community, they have the biggest hearts and hairpieces. They teach me a lot about life and expiration dates, bless their little souls! Today I channeled my inner Martha and made some new labels for the shelves in the warehouse….how cute are these?

Spent the rest of the day in my new office, reading a book I ordered off Amazon. Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors, I encourage you to read any of his books, very inspiring and practical.

that person

You know that one person who everyone tries to hook up with their friends or family members. That one person who’s so pathetically single they can no longer fish for their own kill. Attractive, young and smart, but always has the worst of luck with dating.

it’s hit me…

that I’m now that person.

seriously. I’m only 24 people! Maybe, just maybe, I enjoy being single and pursuing my career and education. Or maybe the “selection” of men is so seriously deficient and devoid of anyone that I would actually like to spend more than 24 hours with, that I prefer to spend my nights deep conditioning my hair and getting tipsy off half a glass of wine while watching Will & Grace re-runs.

And then theres all these clowns that mistake politeness for genuine interest… excuse me little boy, if your working in my yard for my father, please don’t try to hit on me while I’m perfecting my summer tan. THATS A NO.

also, to the other grown boys who think flattering me and admiring how “hot” my tattoos are….just stop. tattoos are really not that cool and my life does not revolve around them, or me taking pics of myself at awkward angles to show off my tattoos. like people really need to stop with these bathroom photos – your not that tight. I mean if I really think about, theres a simple list of basic NO’s that eliminate most people on my social media playing field from dating potentials.

1. No bathroom pics – ever.

2. No deep v necks to show off your hairless, trendy eagle tatted chest – THATS A NO.

3. Don’t be a negative, self righteous bastard who is closed minded to different types of music and ethnicities.

4. If you’ve texted me 3 times and i don’t reply, please DO NOT assume that I am in the shower awaiting your arrival with cheap vodka and cliche pick up lines.

5. If your idea of a date involves any establishment with a drive through and riding public transit – or better yet, having me pick you up!

6. If your text messages have a signature.

its really not that hard people. Step up or step off. Plus, I’ve not even been single a year! People, please, I don’t need to be matched up with your cousin Vinny or that “really nice guy” from the office – we all know “nice” is code for “ugly”.

k thanks.

sunday study sesh

On the roof at the boy’s place. So bright and beautiful out today! Soakin up them summer rays while I can. Tomorrow is my last final and then Sac bound for awhile. This semester went by really quick, but its been great. I feel a 100000 times smarter than before I came to Cal, and I’ve been blessed with some amazing men in my life who give me so much love and support, whether its putting gas in my car, surprising me with smoothies in class, calming me down from exam stress or just listening to my pathetic love life schemes, they’ve shown me a lot about what it looks like to treat a woman right – so much so that I’m almost inclined to step up my dating standards..almost…

I really feel like I have a home here in Berkeley now, and it feels really good.

God gets all the glory.