flashy lights, fine china and car give-aways: the resurrection of Jesus

I picked up my brother from the airport on saturday night, we stopped by our old friend Mariah Schoppman’s house in Oakland. I love this woman. She is so full of life and energy, such a blessing to have her in our lives. She also has a really cute house, complete with a “baby zone” (pictures above) where everything is baby size. crucial.

Later that night we took Nana out to dinner for her 76th birthday. Of course we had the waiters sing and bring her ice cream, she was so excited and surprised. She kept looking at me in amazement saying “how did they know?” I love my Nana so much, I pray that her good health persists and that we will have her for a much longer time.

Easter Sunday. We went to an old church in Orangevale that I used to love going to. Needless to say some things had changed, and they are now one of those “mega” churches with the multi colored flashy lights, 15 people band, mega flat screens everywhere, doin-too-much kinda churches now. But the thing that really took me for a spin, was the car give-away at the end of service. Apparently someone within the congregation had it on their heart to donate said car, which is great and admirable. But the fact that the church used that as an incentive to get people to church on Easter Sunday, is despicable. Not only that, but they had a raffle drawing to see who would win the car. When the names started being drawn from the container, my stomach dropped and I literally walked out of the service. Against my wishes, my dad put his name in the drawing, and my mom joked that she put my name down too—this is so embarrassing. Like what would we have done if our family – probably one of the wealthiest there, won the car? Dart down the aisle like crazed Wheel of Fortune winners, while hundreds of needy families who are actually members of this church, sit by? It’s just repulsing to me that a house of Christ is so caught up in numbers and reputation that it fails to recognize the real meaning of Easter.

To top of the sacrilegious festivities, we go to my mom’s friends house in the richest part of Folsom, where this woman makes a snide remark about us bringing our dog, so I have to immediately go back home and drop him off (way to make your guests feel comfortable you snooty yuppie) Inside, the table is flushed with her elegant china and crystal wine glasses, but no one is allowed to sit there or touch anything on the table. Newsflash people, no one cares about your silent film collection and casual trips sun bathing in Bali. If you have no tact or ability to relate to people, you are not that impressive.

Because heres the thing about it,

Your reputation is who people think you are your character is who you really are.

So you may have everyone believing that you are hot shit and holy, but only you, and God, know who you are behind closed doors. Unless your like me and air your dirty laundry within the confides of trusted friends – then theres a couple more people who know how much of an idiot you are. And that’s okay with me. I’d rather have people in my life know how frequently and grandly I fall off the path, because at least then I have a guiding crew to direct me back to where I’m supposed to be….and I don’t look like a pretentious asshole like some of these suburban smucks.


know what i mean?

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