Lessons from the Buddha pt.2: Conquer the Mind

Fresh milk is often slow to curdle; so sinful actions do not always bring immediate results. Sinful actions are more like coals of fire that are hidden in the ashes and keep on smoldering, finally causing a greater fire. 

It is written, that to conquer oneself is the greatest victory. And I think thats a very difficult task. The world is filled with temptations, it’s always “burning with the fires of greed, anger, and foolishness”

Those who respect themselves must be on constant guard lest they yield to evil desires. 

If I say I respect myself, yet give into foolishness and distractions, I have conquered nothing. I may not be there today, but I’m, farther than I was yesterday.

The wise man seeks to control his mind so that it will function smoothly and truly.


know what i mean?

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