It’s been a great weekend, running, reading, writing, reflecting. Every so often I get this internal itch, like an insatiable desire for depth? understanding? oneness with God? I don’t really know how to formulate it to words, but basically I go through old books I’ve underlined and written in, old journals, frantically searching for a reminder. that i am more than my job, my education, my address. that there is something profoundly unique and beautiful about life, and me, and that at one point or another, I’ve felt that.

it’s also been incredibly warm today, nevertheless i decided on a long sleeved collared shirt.

full of good decisions.



Having a great time with family/family friends in Capitola this weekend. I think when you get to a certain age you start thinking about things, realizing how valuable our time is. You quit wasting it on temporary distractions and delusions, causal acquaintances and meaningless social mingles. You start investing in things of permanence—-> family….and diamonds.