Control, Acceptance

Sometimes I get really bummed out on decisions people in my life are making. Whether its addiction or infidelity, laziness or lies, I’ve realized how much I let others’ actions effect myself. Not in a cant-sleep-cant-eat kinda way, but  it upsets me, more in that inner, deep part of my soul that wants everything to be okay kinda way. I care about people, alot, but there has to be boundaries, and I cant let my concern take over my drive and what I’m trying to do. It’s a difficult thing to walk away from relationships that are bringing you down, but its a necessary thing.

There really are givers and takers in our lives, recognizing and then acting on it, is probably one of the best decisions we can make for ourselves.

I was just reading one of my favorite authors posts, he was writing about control and codependency. He says,

Sometimes you have to watch people destroy their lives, but that’s just the point. Their lives are theirs to destroy.

I recognized a lot of myself in that.  That it’s about giving up that desire to control, whether its out of love or fear, its not yours to possess.


know what i mean?

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