You’ve Heard it said

I went to church today. Then I realized why I don’t belong to a church out here.

To be clear, I believe in God, Jesus, and the Trinity.

I believe that God judges us by the condition of our hearts, and that it’s about a relationship with Him.

I don’t believe in pastors who talk about “saving souls” like its a statistics game. I literally heard this pastor say he “saved 10-15% of his college friends”

So now people’s souls are a percentile of your good works? Then he goes on to talk about people who hear the word, understand the word, and still choose not to follow, and how they have “rejected God”

Well, self-righteuous Pastor with a receding hair line, maybe those people didnt “get saved” because your arrogance got in the way of the message. Or maybe it’s not our job to convert people to our faith. Maybe if you just lived right, and loved people, then others would see God in you, and reflect on their own journey.

My friend and I got into a discussion about this on the way home, she felt like she needed to start talking to people more about God. She said, isn’t it sad that there are currently more Muslim Mosques being built in our country than our own churches.

I thought, no. Not at all. I think its a beautiful thing.

Because here’s the thing. Yeah I beleive in Christianity, because thats whats been true in my life. And the truth is, that we don’t know if any one religion is “the right one”, we can never know. And I think it’s really sad when people talk in a “us v them” mindset. It’s not about Muslims, Christians, Hindus’s, it’s about all of us, receiving our own revelations.  For me, it’s about whatever gets you there, whatever is right and true to you, then thats what you should follow. It’s a personal conviction. I cant honestly say that everyone should or needs to be Christian. I beleive that God reveals himself to people in his own way, own time. Who are we to judge people, where they are at, or what congregation they worship at? We are no one.

A speck of dust in the cosmic universe.

I really think there is a danger in trying to “save your friends”, especially if it’s motivated by fear of them not burning in hell. And I honestly have to laugh when I write that because Hell is not a place you go if your not a Chrisitan, Hell is the eternal separation from God. And it’s something we live in every day here on earth,

when we choose to hate, condemn, lie, covet …

Jesus says,

You have heard it said, “You shall not murder” and anyone who murders will be subject to judgement.  But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment”  (Matthew 5:21)

The truth is, we create our own hells. And that’s something that seems much more pressing to me, than the thought that my friends souls’ rest in the action or inaction of my words.

Just something to think about.


know what i mean?

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