i can see a lot of life in you

Little known fact: my right eye twitches when I’m stressed.

It’s this annoying, uncontrollable muscle spasm, caused by lack of sleep, caffeine, stress and a poor diet. Strikingly, I am only guilty of three of these negligent behaviors. Anyways, it’s been a really crazy past week (really two weeks) and I’ve been overwhelmed with midterms, papers, work and applications. Thankfully, tomorrow night at 5pm, it all comes to an undramatic end..when I submit the last midterm, pour myself a glass of wine, and nuzzle up on the couch watching Friends re-reuns. Excitement disturbs my sleeps.

But really, its been a lot this week, and I’ve realized how important it is not only to maintain my health, but to keep myself surrounded by good people. After being in class from 10-6, I left early to take Mark to the airport, then went back to the boy’s place to work on the last midterm. The boys, Mark, Jimmy and Frank, have been my creche this semester. They are such genuinely good people, and I’m so blessed to have them in my life. We are all Political Science students, Jimmy and Mark attend the same church, and we work out together. Their apartment is so homey, and always filed with good people and conversation. I was pretty obviously distressed today, but just being around them and working through things together, really eased my nerves. It feels good to have people on your side. I know I have a lot of people that support me and love me, but it’s different to have that group of people that you interact with daily, and its important for me to have them out here in Berkeley.

Maybe sometimes I put too much pressure on myself….and thats why my eye twitches monday – thursday. So it helps to be surrounded by people who reinforce with laughter, jokes and hugs,

you’re okay with us.


know what i mean?

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