weekly recap//iron sharpens iron

1. my car was hit by a drunk driver. thankfully I wasnt in it, and I got a sweet new rental…cruisinnnnn!

2. stayed in SF for a bit and visited with my friend Tiffany from DC

3. visited Naners aka “Queen Wrinkly” – saw movie “the Vow”, totally cheesy and made me cry

4. church on the move

5. incessantly hitting the gym to fit into my dress for next week’s fashion show

6. read a case study about the FBI and 9/11 …. almost amazing how many factors were overlooked

i’ve also been able to have a lot of much needed, honest conversations. about life, and myself, and my disgusting abilility to justify all the fucked up things i do. i guess ive been really humbled this week, and really really grateful to be surrounded by such loving people that hold me accountable in love – its not easy to have someone tell you about yourself, but its something you do to because you want to be a better person. so thank you to all my friends who hold me up when I cant hold myself up, and who kick my ass when im too arrogant to kick my own – i owe you everything 😉


know what i mean?

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