remain teachable

For a class on Foundations of Political Thought and Action, we are reading sacred texts all week. The bible, the Koran and teachings of the Buddha. Honestly it’s refreshing to be in the word, especially at liberal central Cal. And it’s a beautiful thing to be able to read mutliple texts and see truth in all of them.

Nietzche says

“not to remain stuck to a person- not even the most loved- for every person is a prison, also a nook….not to remain stuck to a fatherland… a science…pity…. detachemnt…”

He goes on to say there is a certain danger in being confined to one thing, be it a person or an ideology, and I think there is a lot of truth in that. I think there is a danger in remaining stuck in your knowledge, thinking you have all that you need to know, or that you are right in your convictions – that to me, is deadly.

he concludes,

“one must know how to conserve oneself: the hardest test of independence”

He understood the sanctity of growth. He was also a drug addicted and a misogynist psycho, but hey, they always seem to go down in history with a certain reverence.

Anyways, I’ve just been thinking about that at lot lately. About how arrogance only really limits yourself. I guess in my life, I just want to be great. I strive for it. And I look at every decision as a choice to either perpetuate greatness or thwart it. Be it the people I associate with, or how I present myself, every day demands these decisions- every day is an opportunity to make steps toward that person you want to be, or to remain stuck.


know what i mean?

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