The weekend has gone by so fast, but it’s been productive and positive out here in Sac. Had a really good board meeting for SAGE on Friday, and we elected a new Board Member, which I’m really excited about – love seeing other people live out their passions.

Saturday was a whirlwind. Was it even real? Spent all morning doing watching my dad do my taxes, writing a research proposal for the DC internship, and studying. Mom and I went for our monthly massage, then headed straight to my brother’s girlfriends graduation party – complete with chocolate fondu which in typical AJ manner, I managed to drip on my white blouse and jeans. Obviously I had to run home and change before I met with my ex downtown. It was really good to see him and we had a great time. I think its hard when you know you cant and shouldn’t be with someone, but those feelings still creep back up. They will pass in time, but it feels right to have some closure and be on good terms again.

Today is Sunday. I havent left the house. The dungeon that is my office in the garage has kept me captive all day. I only showered and did my hair because we had an assortment of characters over for the Superbowl – of which I only got to watch the halftime show. My social life is again taking the back seat now that school is back in full swing. It’s frustrating not being able to spend time with people i love, but I know my efforts will pay off.

I graze the fridge looking for something to snack on. I’m craving celery soup (pronounced ‘thelery thoup” in our house) but am disappointed by the spoon portion of whats left of it. it’s 9:30 at night. Mom suggests she makes more. I said no it’s fine. She insists. Next thing you know, my brother is on his way to the store for missing ingrediants, Dad is heckling about it being “AJ Day” and there goes mom whisking away ingredients on the stove. I resign back to dungeon.

My brother knocks on my door 30 min later, thoup in hand. Then comes mom trailing behind with a side of bread.

Could i be more spoiled blessed? I am tired of reading and want nothing more than to plop on the plush leather couch and watch some awful reality TV. But alas, i stick to reading about congressional campaigns and ponder whether someone will turn up a picture of me shitfaced 40z deep at 19 when I decide to pursue a career in congressional advocacy. Images race across my mind like a nightmare.

then i get this text,

you are a hard worker and dedicated to what youre passionate about. SO proud of you. I’m excited about what the future holds for you. Love you, mom.



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