The fabulous girls at Few and Far

Few and Far

We are extremely excited to share our video of the Skate Jam we did in October 2011.

Few & Far Female Skate Jam 2011 from Few & Far Women on Vimeo.

One on our skater’s Jackie pinky Lum worked her butt off to make this video happen thanks girl for all your hard work!!

We have many great events coming so, keep checking back so you dont miss any thing!!
Sorry we missed you in the credits HANNAH GREENE thanks for some photos!
Huge thanks to Gale Hart coming through with the great footage!
Skaters: Andrea, Madeleine, Cheryl, Gale, Colette, Jo, Jolie, Mia, Olivia, Nicole, Vanessa, Jessica, Meleah, Joanna, Melissa, Laura, MJ, Lily, Katherine, Sahara, Jen, Sabrina, Beverly, Ji, Heaher, Janell, Marie, Anna, Faydra, Magen, Xiandrea, Jacueline, Sharie, Shelby.

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