To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected

I dont really care how much people love or hate on Obama, but heres the deal. No matter who is president, they are going to make promises they dont always live out, they will use negative campaigning to boost their rep, they will endorse policies you dont like, they will be from an opposing party, and they will wear outfits that pain you – but thats just politics. get over it. I think its absolutely disgusting the way people speak of our president, even if you dont agree with his views, show some respect for the man that represents our country.

I dont agree with everything on his agenda, but I do really like his persona, he always comes off respectful and with reverence to God, and I think that is something that everyone can respect.

Heres a video of him speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast today—> awesome


know what i mean?

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