Santa Cruz

showing my mom the “hop outta my bed, and turn my swag on” dance. Always love seeing my Santa Cruz boys, even though they lost horribly to the mother daughter pool duo. I’m happy that I’m not embarrassed to bring my mom around my friends, they loved her and we all had a really good time. Whenever my mom and I are out at a function or entertaining, I remember where I get my sense of adventure and fun from. It makes me smile to see her out with us, having fun, dancing, laughing, being the child of God she was created to be. Forgiveness is more for yourself then anyone else. As Dr. Martin Luther King said,

“Don’t ever let someone pull you so low as to hate them.”

and i think that is very powerful. Its takes a lot more energy to hate someone and remain stuck on their shortcomings, than it does to extend grace and allow people to be who they are.


know what i mean?

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