finding old love letters

In Plato’s allegory of the metal, the philosopher classifies people into groups 0f gold, silver, and lead. You my love are gold. Pure gold. There is gold in your intellectual brilliance, gold in your warmth and humanity. Gold in your transparency, gold in your honesty.Though we are apart, you are never far from my thoughts. In many ways, though we are separated, I keep a conversation with you in my head, You with your light spirit and me with my heavy heart. This distance is great but love is strong and you taught me there’s so many reasons to carry on.There are so many things I want you to know but cannot say. Like the way I cover my face from you in the morning it has nothing to do with you When the sun peeks though the window to greet us with morning, I scramble for the blankets, for a cover to hide my face. It’s not because I don’t believe in the trinity and it’s unfailing grace, it’s because for twenty two years I’ve been taught guilt. For twenty two years I lived in shame. But I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with the way you look at me. There’s  a reason ancient Cathedrals never sang songs but only hummed hymns, there’s something sacred about our imperfection, but its hidden behind too many myths.

((to be young and infatuated))


know what i mean?

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