a beginning in every ending

If every day of 2012 is like this, in that I

spend it with people I love

enjoy being outside

work out


and eat good food,

then I think it will be a great year.

Today I heard that my ex has a new girl.

and that shes fat and ugly and a total downgrade.

that’s probably really shallow of me to even comment on, but be real, that always makes a girl feel better.

I am so excited about the new year. Not in a corny, new year new me kinda way, but I just feel really good about myself and the direction my life is going. I feel like I have cut out a lot of unhealthy & negative relationships, and I’ve recommitted myself to things that matter to me. Whether it’s writing consistently, sticking to a work out regime, reading more books or going to church, I feel connected with that part of myself that craves for identity. I spent new years eve with Chris and Mia and the rest of our crazy extenda-family, and that I was sober and will remember it,  instead of hittin the town with casual acquaintances, because in 10 years from now, when Mia is grown and Chris is with a man somewhere, who knows where I will be or what I will be doing,

I just want to be with my family while I can. 

(we had fun with a new art project)


know what i mean?

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