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SAGE headerFall, 2011
Dear Partner,

Welcome to the quarterly SAGE Newsletter. This is our way of regularly updating you on the work we are doing to increase awareness of women in underrepresented careers such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).Thank you for supporting our mission throughout the year.

– The SAGE Board



SAGE is a non-profit organization that inspires and educates girls (grades 6-12) to pursue careers in under represented fields.We accomplish our mission by providing speakers, trainers, and outreach volunteers to the community and by consulting and partnering with like-minded organizations.

Learn more or volunteer to be a speaker at our website.

Laura Leavitt PhotoPresident’s Letter
As we emerge from celebrating the nation’s day of Thanksgiving into the winter holiday season, I want to extend our gratitude to all of you who have volunteered your time and effort to further the mission of SAGE.This year we’re also grateful to have a new board member, Amy Rose. Amy is a student of political science with a passion for young people and social justice. Through academic study and independent travel in Europe and Africa, Amy has developed a love for diversity and change. In Africa she experienced firsthand the effects of poverty; she learned that besides money and materials, it takes a sincere investment of time and knowledge to effect meaningful change.

AmyAmy is currently working on a BA in International Relations at UC Berkeley where she is also a director for a literacy development program, BUILD. Having worked with at risk youth in Sacramento area middle and high schools and non-profits, Amy joined us because she believes SAGE is a powerful way to connect young women with professionals who can inspire them to actualize their dreams. As our new Director of Marketing, Amy connects SAGE with like-minded organizations and has created a presence for us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and a new blog. Check it out at

This year we again supported the American Society of Women Accountants’ student night and the Expanding Your Horizons science event for young girls co-sponsored by AT&T & CSUS; we provided speakers at Futures High School and the California Aerospace Academy; our volunteers were judges for a Science and Engineering Fair – and separately for senior projects – at the Aerospace Academy. An engineer presented a workshop and an attorney spoke about her career path at the Cesar Chavez event at Cooley Middle School. We are grateful for these and other opportunities and look forward to making many more connections with bright young women in 2012. We wish you warm and happy holidays!

Laura L. Leavitt, CFP®

Speaker Spotlight
Marci Arrendondo

This month, SAGE is honored to put the spotlight on Marci Arredondo, Deputy City Attorney for Stockton.  Marci worked and studied hard to achieve her current position.
Marci grew up knowing that she loved to debate so the law was a natural career choice for her.  She was drawn to a profession where being a zealous advocate was valued.  When she looked around at career options, she also became painfully aware that there were not many women in leadership roles.  Encouraged by her professors who recognized her passion, Marci resolved to make a difference.
Growing up, Marci found there were no Mexican-American female role models to look up to. This strengthened her resolve to share her experiences with other women and open up possibilities to young girls. She felt that finding her way through her career was analogous to walking in a dark room always guessing whether an obstruction was in her path. Marci is determined to pass on her experience so that others do not have to walk in the dark as she did.
Marci gains a sense of accomplishment knowing that she has put out her hand to make it easier for others to reach their goals. Her one wish for her involvement with SAGE is to change a life; to help a few lifelong mentees achieve their goals by being their shoulder to lean on. Although not everyone may take advantage of this generous offer, Marci feels great knowing she did all she could do to help others.

Inspiring Opportunities

Are you looking for an easy way to give back? Make a New Year’s resolution to help SAGE connect with Sacramento student groups, after school programs, teachers, and guidance counselors.
SAGE provides speakers who offer perspective, insight, and advice on pursuing STEM and underrepresented careers. Our speakers are role models who open students’ eyes to the possibilities. These careers enable us to change the world and make the lives of our friends and family better and easier.
Many of you have friends or neighbors who work with young women during school or after school. Many of you have children in middle school or high school or have friends or neighbors with children in middle school or high school. Please reach out to them next time you’re catching up and let them know about SAGE. We are always looking for more opportunities to connect with young women in the community. We are focusing on growing the number of schools, programs, and teachers we work with and need your help to continue our mission.
Anyone can sign up to have a SAGE speaker come to them on our website

health & wholeness

Finally over my cold, laughter is the only that’s filled my lungs lately, no pneumonia for this girl! Weekend overview…

Friday worked all day and into the night. Went out for a drink with my friend/supervisor (how does that always happen??) And i just have to say, I love this woman, she is an awesome young lady, but I really am reminded of why I do not have female friends in abundance. Me and this girl (she’s 23) get along great, she is a strong, beautiful and God-loving woman. We talk a lot about faith and church, work and activism, we have a lot of similiar views on society and all thats wrong with it, and I appreciate her ability to challenge me on things. But then this this whole other side of her. When the sun goes down or she has a drink (havent concluded on which one is the trigger) she turns into a raging whore. Starts talking about all these guys she’s talking to, ones she met at the club and hooked up with that night, shows me “pictures” of them and ones she’s sent to them..then makes it seem like I’m some sort of prude because I dont send pictures to guys. I am really just at a loss of words with this one. How can you talk about this wholesome good man that you want God to put in your life, then get skanked up headed to the club? As my friend Aaron says, “you put out the stink bait your gonna catch a catfish”.

Saturday I went to Nana’s, we met up with my Aunt and Uncle to watch my cousin’s piano recital. My Nana is so awesome, she is 75 and it better health then some people my age. I cherish every day I get to spend in her presence.

Later that night Shane came up and we drove into the City to watch my friends band play from Santa Cruz. It was at this cute little SF venue, 50’s music dance party upstairs, bands playing downstairs. It was so fun to just hang out and dance and see all the boys.

Shane, Roger and I went out to lunch on Sunday. I love having my two best friends together, such a good feeling being with them. After church, Tyler, his friend Daniel, and I snuck into an auditorium at school and hooked my computer up to the projector to watch movies. It was awesome. I am surrounded by such good men, so blessed.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

an email i just recieved form my dad. in case anyone was questioning where I get most of my shit from. the big kahuna himself.


Hello Family,

For Christmas I would like for one, some, or all of you to consider updating my Facebook page/account (whatever it’s called) to include pictures of me/us/you/others so that I can start boasting to all my old friends about how great life/family is.  I have one lousy picture on my home page and I don’t know how to arrange/change/rearrange it or anything else.  I’m starving for assistance so I can begin e-mail blasting all my old, overweight. gray-aged friends with stunning pics of family and eloquent words of sophistication to project the awesomeness of our family.  I only want really great pics of me/you/us/others, to project star quality.  Photo Shop is acceptable for use where appropriate.  I also need some praise/affection/affirmation posts to seamlessly bind it all together.  Don’t be afraid to use things like “happily retired”, “selfless”, “still madly in love with mom after 28+ years”, “natural born leader”, etc.  I’m ready to let the world know who and what I am.  No unflattering pics/words/posts will be tolerated.  If you screw up my home page, there will be a heavy individual price to pay (can you say T-Rex status for life?). Remember………  T-Rex don’t like being embarrassed, he EATS his own.

Happy Facebook Holidays!




I have left my house twice today. both times to move my car from one side of the street to the other to avoid another ticket and $300 tow job. (the joys of city living)

I have also made said moves in outfits even I am ashamed of sporting.

Being sick really takes a toll on your fashion perception.

I slept in till 2PM, awoke to drink some tea and make car move #1, then slept again till 4:30PM when I had more tea, wrote two ten page term papers, and called my mom who told me to make a doctors appointment for fear that I might have pneumonia. I am convinced it is just a cold, but as mother knows best, I did have pneumonia when I was younger and having it once makes you more susceptible to having it again. For someone who’s biggest fear is drowning, I think pneumonia would have to be the most ironic way going out. Water filling your lungs, I mean you’re basically drowning in your own body. Oh the cruelty!

I knew a boy once who’s heart was too big for his chest, and caused a lot of serious health problems.. . so much irony in tragedy.


Dr. Cornel West

“Incredible courage to think for youself. you have to be able to think for yourself, you have to be able to cut against the grain get the distance from your peer group and not only that, but you have to have a habitual vision of greatness. You have to beleive in fact that you will refuse to settle for mediocracy, you wont confuse financial security with your personal integrity, you wont confuse your success with your greatness or your prosperity with your magnanimity.”

Tyler and I went to church last night at this place in Berkeley called Mosaic. It’s a lot of artists and awesome people. Besides enduring cheesy Christmas songs, I really enjoyed it. Just hearing someone talk about God felt so good. It’s like that feeling you get when you see an old friend, or hear a band you used to love in highschool, that familiar, feel-right type of comfort. As much as I love worship and being in the word, I have serious issues with Christians. There’s this odd, fake impression I get from a lot of Christians. Like theyre trying too hard.. to impress each other and God. Quite frankly, I come from a congregation where we celebrated our differences and flaws, brought them out into the open and said “yup, youre just as fucked up as me” and that was okay. that was comforting. Maybe its a race or class thing, I dont know. But middle class white people tend to be really boring and try to act like they have it all together. Look people, YOU DONT. and neither do I. and thats the beauty of it. thats the redemption of the cross. After the pastor spoke, Tyler and I started to clap, then stopped once we realized that no one else was….thats weird. I wish people wold just cut loose a little bit and not be afraid to express themselves or fuck up, I do it every day!

In other news, its dead week at school which means no more classes, just review before next week’s finals. I am writing a paper on how technology has influenced culture/generations/business/and politics. And another one on how my upbringing and “privilege” brought me to where I am now and who I am now.

I also got two more companies that I am sewing for now, and internship prospects on the horizon for Spring!

I have also discovered a new addiction, .. im warning, its bad .