health & wholeness

Finally over my cold, laughter is the only that’s filled my lungs lately, no pneumonia for this girl! Weekend overview…

Friday worked all day and into the night. Went out for a drink with my friend/supervisor (how does that always happen??) And i just have to say, I love this woman, she is an awesome young lady, but I really am reminded of why I do not have female friends in abundance. Me and this girl (she’s 23) get along great, she is a strong, beautiful and God-loving woman. We talk a lot about faith and church, work and activism, we have a lot of similiar views on society and all thats wrong with it, and I appreciate her ability to challenge me on things. But then this this whole other side of her. When the sun goes down or she has a drink (havent concluded on which one is the trigger) she turns into a raging whore. Starts talking about all these guys she’s talking to, ones she met at the club and hooked up with that night, shows me “pictures” of them and ones she’s sent to them..then makes it seem like I’m some sort of prude because I dont send pictures to guys. I am really just at a loss of words with this one. How can you talk about this wholesome good man that you want God to put in your life, then get skanked up headed to the club? As my friend Aaron says, “you put out the stink bait your gonna catch a catfish”.

Saturday I went to Nana’s, we met up with my Aunt and Uncle to watch my cousin’s piano recital. My Nana is so awesome, she is 75 and it better health then some people my age. I cherish every day I get to spend in her presence.

Later that night Shane came up and we drove into the City to watch my friends band play from Santa Cruz. It was at this cute little SF venue, 50’s music dance party upstairs, bands playing downstairs. It was so fun to just hang out and dance and see all the boys.

Shane, Roger and I went out to lunch on Sunday. I love having my two best friends together, such a good feeling being with them. After church, Tyler, his friend Daniel, and I snuck into an auditorium at school and hooked my computer up to the projector to watch movies. It was awesome. I am surrounded by such good men, so blessed.


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