I have left my house twice today. both times to move my car from one side of the street to the other to avoid another ticket and $300 tow job. (the joys of city living)

I have also made said moves in outfits even I am ashamed of sporting.

Being sick really takes a toll on your fashion perception.

I slept in till 2PM, awoke to drink some tea and make car move #1, then slept again till 4:30PM when I had more tea, wrote two ten page term papers, and called my mom who told me to make a doctors appointment for fear that I might have pneumonia. I am convinced it is just a cold, but as mother knows best, I did have pneumonia when I was younger and having it once makes you more susceptible to having it again. For someone who’s biggest fear is drowning, I think pneumonia would have to be the most ironic way going out. Water filling your lungs, I mean you’re basically drowning in your own body. Oh the cruelty!

I knew a boy once who’s heart was too big for his chest, and caused a lot of serious health problems.. . so much irony in tragedy.



know what i mean?

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