Tyler and I went to church last night at this place in Berkeley called Mosaic. It’s a lot of artists and awesome people. Besides enduring cheesy Christmas songs, I really enjoyed it. Just hearing someone talk about God felt so good. It’s like that feeling you get when you see an old friend, or hear a band you used to love in highschool, that familiar, feel-right type of comfort. As much as I love worship and being in the word, I have serious issues with Christians. There’s this odd, fake impression I get from a lot of Christians. Like theyre trying too hard.. to impress each other and God. Quite frankly, I come from a congregation where we celebrated our differences and flaws, brought them out into the open and said “yup, youre just as fucked up as me” and that was okay. that was comforting. Maybe its a race or class thing, I dont know. But middle class white people tend to be really boring and try to act like they have it all together. Look people, YOU DONT. and neither do I. and thats the beauty of it. thats the redemption of the cross. After the pastor spoke, Tyler and I started to clap, then stopped once we realized that no one else was….thats weird. I wish people wold just cut loose a little bit and not be afraid to express themselves or fuck up, I do it every day!

In other news, its dead week at school which means no more classes, just review before next week’s finals. I am writing a paper on how technology has influenced culture/generations/business/and politics. And another one on how my upbringing and “privilege” brought me to where I am now and who I am now.

I also got two more companies that I am sewing for now, and internship prospects on the horizon for Spring!

I have also discovered a new addiction, www.pinterest.com .. im warning, its bad .


know what i mean?

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