It’s finally starting to feel like winter ,

the morning fog envelopes the city

and i’m awaken by this masquerade of opportunity

every day

begging to be revealed

begging for completeness

i just want to be great.

I’m only 24 but I feel so much more

late nights, drunken promises

sprawled on the living room floor

you are worth so much more.


It has been said that we are only truly happy when we are growing. And by such measure, I am overjoyed. I have learned so much about myself and the world I’m in. Met so many genuine, inspirational people that have made me a part of their lives. Although I am far from my family, I feel like I have one here. I also feel like I am growing in ways that I desperately needed to. Seeing things for what they are, people for who they really are, myself for everything that I am and fall short of being. Sometimes I want to get a little studio apartment, maybe a cottage attached to a family’s house, and just have my own little hideaway. I would read and sew and make cute little crafts. (flashback to Greece) I would love it.



((There’s a skeleton of loyalty hanging in the gallows of your heart
And where are your friends?
Please help me through these years ahead.
Are we just drinking buddies
Playing with each other’s deepest vulnerability?
That this is all we know?
So this is how it’s gonna stay?
I think I
Would rather
Remember how it was and go our separate ways.
I don’t feel anything
Unless we are living and dying for each other
Every second of our lives.))


know what i mean?

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