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positive mental attitude

You have the ability to convince the subconscious mind that you believe you will receive that for which you ask, and it will act upon that belief. Many of us have a definitive, burning desire for something that we may feel is impossible. Understanding the power of a positive mental attitude, the ability to manifest that which you desire, is one of the most valuable and powerful gifts we all posses. The key is tapping into that ability and convincing your mind that you will obtain what you desire.


its more than a catchy phrase. more than a tattoo on the inside of my lip. more than a Bad Brains song. more than a concept Napolean Hill wrote about. It’s the pathway to immeasurable success. It’s a reality if you create it.



if you…


get my number from a friend, blow up my phone insistently, then fall off cause i didnt include you on a twitter “shout out” after meeting you one drunken night …then you are probably a douche bag and should lose my number the same way you stole it. kthanks.

guys seriously need to step up their game if youre honestly trying to approach me. first of all if you smoke, anything, then go ahead and count yourself out. also, if you make a move within 4 hours upon introduction, you are also done for. is chivalry and class such a demanding request?

I’m not asking for mr. perfect, i just want someone who can dress nice and not embarrass me in public.

waiting for santa

famous is the cutest most awesome thing dog in the world. my brothers are playing guitar and practicing their german accents. i am exhausted from a long night out with the HA boys last night. just want to sleep. no more carolers please. 

Truly Am

every blessing ignored becomes a curse.

Finals week is coming to an end. I have so much to be grateful for, my family, health and education especially. I was studying with a friend today, and after reading another email from my dad, he said

“you have an awesome family huh?

I said yes

and meant it like the sun means to rise

yes like my family is that wind lifting me up

wings like eagles and peace like doves

yes like i never needed

more than the support of my brothers and Fathers love

my mothers touch

last name of strength

and that sharp tongue, a prick like a thorn

warning thieves and liars



our strength is in our beauty.