the world to me

Another beautiful weekend in Sac.

I am overwhelmed by love for and from my family.

It’s Saturday night, Mia and the dogs are asleep on the couch next to me.

Family has always meant the world to me,

and when I say family

I dont mean blood

I mean those people who are there no matter what.

Because life is unpredictable


and messy

family is my foundation

the root beneath the tree.

My mom took me to get my hair done this afternoon. Five hours later I emerge, no longer with black hair! We stopped by the sport’s garage on the way home to see my dad for a minute before I left for Roseville. He called me later on in the night, saying how much he liked my hair, that I am beautiful and how proud he and mom are of me for the choices I am making. That meant a lot to me. I have always wanted to make my parents proud, and I know that they probably are, but its different to hear it. People need to hear it.

As the apostle John said,

“Dear children, let us not just  love with our words or tongue, but in action and in truth”

We need to be intentional about our love. our words. and our actions.

Too often we get caught up in the hustle of our own lives that sometimes we dont think about what others’ might be going through.

We are such beautiful, powerful beings

and we need to remind each other of that


so if your are reading this, know that i love you and you are awesome


know what i mean?

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