So I think Ive made my stance on the whole “Occupy” Movement pretty clear, but I will say I am not down with 81% fee hikes and that is a worthy call for action.

It’s been a crazy day. There was a shooting on Campus today, which really shook me. It just seems so surreal, all of it. All day I surrounded by gangs of police on bikes, protestors marcing thorugh the streets, sirens…and shootings?

Its so easy to get distracted.

Anyways, heres my documentation of the day, starting with Telegraph lurking with the 501 boys then Roger, Tyler and I watching Robert Reisch speak on Sproul  (UC Campus mecca for social action)

I have never been amidst so many people, especially at my school, it was definitely a unifying experience.

And of course, Ise for the win!


know what i mean?

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