I really love going to school at Cal. Not only are we the NUMBER ONE PUBLIC UNIVERSITY in the nation, but there are a lot of really awesome people and opportunities here. I love how the hills overlook the campus and the fog rolls in like a lowrider on 20’s, a little chilly at first but then you get with it.

However, I am finding myself more and more annoyed and unimpressed with the predominantly hippy liberal Occupiers who roam the campus looking for open ears and some spare change. Granted, most of these people are not actual students. Nonetheless, I am finding that most of my professors and the subsequent material prescribed for their respective classes, are extremely liberal. (NO SHIT) huh? I guess I am just surprised by the unchalleneged bias’s in some of the texts.

For example, the Youth Control Complex, an article by Victor Rios, who studied marginalized minority youth in Oakland. This article basically excuses the actions of these delinquent youth and blames their current and future situations on a prejudice society that uses racial profiling to incarcerate this population. I am not saying that racial profiling does not exist, it most certainly does and yes, is very unfortunate. But at the same time, its not like these people are being arrested for being black or Mexican. They are actually committing crimes. And if they were so aware (which Victor prescribes that they are) of racial profiling, don’t you think they would be deferred from committing such stupid, costly crimes? That to me would be the logical approach…like driving a hot red Firebird with flames on the side, and being surprised when a highway patrol man pulls you over for speeding. Get with the program people. Instead of blaming your so called injustices on the state, why don’t you take accountability for your actions and not put yourself in positions where police are trying to arrest you? Fascinating concept.

I would also like to make a rant about the Occupy movement. I think its bullshit. A question on my midterm was “Do you think Bank of America has a right to make a profit” – in regards to their preposed $5 monthly debit card fee ( which they then revoked) Why yes professor, this is America, we thrive off capitalism and a free market economy, people have every right to make a profit and be as greedy as they want. Also, we do not live in an statist economy, if you think BofA is absurd for charging you an whopping $60 a year, then take your money and move it to a different bank. And for all the OWS people who are complaining that there is an unequal distribution of wealth….since when is wealth a commodity to be equally distributed? As if there is a big wealth pie and these evil 1%’s are taking too big a slice of it? Last I checked, nothing in this world is free, and if you want something, plan on working hard for it, dont plan on someone giving it to you.

ew i sound like a conservative.


I think its important to let people know when you are thinking about them and how much they mean to you. I  learned this a couple years ago…trying to find a way to let my dad know how much I appreciate him, my friend Aaron told me, just tell him when you are thinking that. There is no amount of money or gifts or shitty paintings I could make my dad to let him rally know, so I think that by just being honest and transparent with people, you can really show gratitude.


know what i mean?

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