Dont talk about it

Be about it.

Maybe I am too hard on people, but I feel like that’s what distinguishes leadership from duty. I think people need others to hold them accountable for their actions, their dreams.  What good is an aspiration, a plan, if you do not put it into action?

To continue my ramble, I get really annoyed when people cannot communicate effectively, especially in a professional or educational setting. If you cannot speak for 2 minutes straight without using the term “like” over 50 times, there might be something wrong with you. Or if you are in a leadership position and cannot speak to an audience of 20 people without constantly shuffling/crossing your feet, frantically readjusting your pants, and playing with objects in the room…. maybe you shouldn’t be in a leadership position.

I think we really take for granted good communicators when we see them.

I spoke on a panel tonight about social justice and activism. One of the questions was about balancing school and social change.  This was my response: get a planner.

Honestly, its about prioritizing. If you really care about something, you will make time for it. It’s about re-organizing your life so that your time commitments align with your passions. It’s not that hard. Yeah it might mean not playing video games till 2 in the morning, but when you genuinly care about something, you make time for it. But first,  you need to get really honest with yourself about what you actually care about. People for some annoying reason, seem to think that because I value education and community, that they need to claim the same. Just because I am into something, does not mean I expect you to be. Actually, I would rather you not bullshit me. I’m not impressed. I appreciate honesty more than anything. And in the end, your actions will prove your convictions.

Doing something > talking about it



know what i mean?

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