Tuesdays with Mia

Have you ever read Tuesday with Morrie? If not, you should, its a fabulous little book full of hope and the strength of the human spirit.

Since Mia was 10 or 11 I have initiated “Tuesdays with Mia”. . . our special day to hang out, make art, get coffee, walk and talk, just time to be together. It was a day we both looked forward to and would make plans in advanced in our excitement. Home-made baking, nature adventures, t-shirt designs, stenciling, you name it we tried it! I remember picking her up from elementary school (faking doctor visits to get her out early) going to middle school performances, watching her get ready for dances,facepainting at her birthday party,  getting the first call when she had her period (sorry mi-mi haha), getting that call when she wanted to plot her run-away at 12.  Being there through it all meant a lot to me. Mia was such a precious, impressionable little girl.

Mia is 14 now, halfway through her first year in high school. She texts me in the morning,

“happy tuesday sister, love & miss you”

and to me, that is priceless.

It doesn’t take massive social change or policy implementation to influence people’s lives. It’s a daily choice, of deciding to make time for people and letting them know that they are valuable. And to think that after all these years, she hasn’t forgotten what we built together, is a beautiful thing.


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