counting disasters on my frail hands

The police just tackled a man on a bike outside our place. Chased him for two blocks, in suspicion of crack possession.

It is such a beautiful day in the East Bay.

Blue skies, crackheads and bass bursting through lowriders

rattling like my bookshelf during the earthquakes,

like my heart in a cage

rattling the bars of regret

all the time and distance doesn’t make me forget

nights and words and looks exchanged


i hate that people change.

I had meetings all day yesterday, one more special then the rest…

Briahana is 21. She is graduating in December, getting her high school diploma. I picked her up for coffee. She wants to be an engineer, loves computers and technology design; so I agreed to mentor her, help her get into college and pair her up with a female Engineer from SAGE. Briahana has a 6 year old daughter, beautiful brown skin like cocoa butter and soft bangs that hang over hopeful eyes. We share coffee, cookies and laughter as we talk about her aspirations. She is motivated and focused but says she doesn’t have a lot of people that know about college and careers. I said I am no expert, but she has me and we’ll figure it out together. Her smile is so contagious. So genuine. I think pain does that to people. I don’t know her whole story but I know that 21 minus 6 is 15 and when I was 15 I sewed patches on my sweatshirts and covered by hands with henna.

Briahana’s decisions didnt wash off in 3 weeks. They permanently changed her life in 9 months.

I have a lot of respect for her and I am grateful that she is in my life. I am also grateful that I didn’t marry Jimmy from summer camp at 15 because he had awful spiked bleached hair and sonic the hedge-hog looking kids are so not cute.

My parents came to visit yesterday. Mom and I got massages and pedi’s as dad steered our carriage. The princesses have been been fully pampered. Kat came up to visit also, she is always a riot, someone I always feel comfortable being honest and vulnerable around.

Man with crack has been released, he rides off into the sunset on his huffy. All is well in the hood.


know what i mean?

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