to be 24

and not get what you want.

I was raised a princess. Okay I was raised with two brothers, a lot of guy friends, skateboards and punk rock. So technically I was a tomboy ( a really cute one) but as far as my dad was concerned, I was a princess. Patched and studded on the outside, sparkles and crowns on the inside. My dad always treated me with respect and love. He always told me I could do whatever I want, and could have anything I desired. . . if I worked for it (read: married into)

the princess mindset. its a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is the empowerment. The ability to do anything I felt, knowing that I had the full support of my father. It’s that unconditional love that built the foundation for my strong, sometimes misunderstood, personality. Don’t get me wrong, I wasnt raised to be a brat. My father was always very successful and provided more than enough for our family, but I never took that for granted. I never held my head higher then anyone, never used wealth as weapon of superiority. That was one thing my dad was intentional of doing, teaching his children the importance of giving. He recognized his wealth as a blessing, and used it to bless others. Always. Always helping people out, extending our paradise of a backyard to other’s to use at their leisure, lending money when needed, provided jobs when he could, referring people to the right resources, my dad was the first person to show me what gratitude looked like in the flesh. So although I had things, I also had the understanding of the value of those things.

It is said that Americans know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

I was lucky to get that education at a young age.

The curse is that I say and do WHATEVER I want. I would be so inclined to say that I have a good heart, and for the most part, good intentions. But that certainly does not halt my never-ceasing wit and low blow remarks when enraged. I also am not very sensitive to time  ( I will later blame this on my father as well) So if I am ready for a conflict to be resolved, I will try to resolve it. I am not concerned with whether or not the other person is ready to make amends, IM DOIN ME! I’m ready, I’m over it, so everyone should be, right!? right. So its a curse. I have to stop myself, readjust my crown, and see that everyone else is shining just as bright and beautifully as I am.

Because who are we not to? Who are we not to be amazing? Not to live in the light of our father. We are kings and queens and it is time we start behaving in that reality. Time to step into our divine roles. Sensitive of each other, but fully accepting who we were created to be.


know what i mean?

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