Watch Me Rise

It’s been a truly great week in the East Bay! Nothing that amazing happened, but I think it’s in the little blessings and accomplishments that we find the greatest joy. School is going well, I met with of my GSI’s (graduate student instructors) who was an abundance of inspiration and knowledge. The more you get to know people, the less scary the world seems, the more navigable and possible it becomes. I also implemented several changes at work that I feel will improve our overall success; of closing the achievement gap and raising reading levels. We attended a Social Justice and Leadership Conference today at Cal. The mayor of Oakland spoke as well as many other prominent community members. Until 1963, there was an extent of redlining, or housing discrimination practiced here in Berkeley. If you were a minority (read: NOT WHITE) you couldn’t live below Martin Luther King Blvd. Do you understand the irony?!??! I also met with the directors of Civicorps….. I feel a collaboration in the near future ūüėČ

Chris and Mia, my othermom and sis, came to visit yesterday. I always love spending time with them, they bring so much joy to my life. Yeah I got a little teary eyed when they left.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my major and education lately too, and I’ve come to the realization that life is more than a diploma. And in the grand scheme of things, you are not limited by your major. With that said, I will continue to pursue a BA in Political Science with an emphasis on Comparative Politics. My dad always tells me that the number one trait that employers look for and that will make you successful, is your ability to communicate. I think if you have that, general common sense, and passion like a burning flame, you’re going to okay.

I met two very nice boys this week too. There really are good people out there, you just gotta sort through the bullshit to find them!

I’ve ¬†also rediscovered my love for red wine and hardcore.

“goddamn”, he said, “i promised myself¬†
i’d never feel this fucking way¬†

again, this world has got me praying on my knees 

for one peaceful thought

in my mind, 
my stride, 
my life, 
my time 
is consumed with a thousand thoughts
flying free like a flock of birds 
with no direction or intention of finding home 
it’s so hard to think,¬†
it’s so hard to change
when this world doesn’t see you any other way¬†
in this world, they choose to see me, 
they choose to see me
like a setting sun
so it’s up to me,¬†
i have to see me, 
i have to see me
like the rising one in my days somebody told me that the rain would always come,
always come to wash away the pain
but nothing changes and this world still wants me down,
wants me down on my knees praying in that rain
“born this way, die this way”¬†
i’d rather die on my feet¬†
than live on my knees 
i’d rather die on my feet
so you can watch me, 
you can watch me
with the things we carry
the loss, 
the scars, 
the weight of heavy hearts
so i say to the slaves of depression 
and sing the sweet redeeming song
about living this life free and long
watch me, watch me, 
for Miles and miles 
-Have Heart//Watch Me Rise

know what i mean?

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