I went to church today for the first time since I moved to Berkeley. I looked up some churches online to try and “find a good one”. This is very hard, almost impossible to do via internet. I searched and browsed and finally found one that I thought would suit me well.

And it did quite well. I walked in and they were singing one of my favorite songs “Blessed in the City”. Everyone had really good energy and greeted me warmly. The pastor had a relevant message taken out of Matthew, the parable of the wedding banquet. He was knowledgable and humorous. Overall it was a really positive experience and it felt really good in my spirit just to be there. I would go back if only one thing were different:

i wasn’t the only white person in the entire church. 

Minor detail aside, I’ve been reconnecting with that part of my being,

that fiber deep in my spirit that longs for connection,

for warmth and love only from a being so divine and pure,

only from above.






that connection.

whether you read the Bible or the Quran,

call out Jesus or Allah,

its about recognizing that being thats supreme to you.

It’s about (Gaining One’s Definition)

                    Sundays with Nana

My Nana is the most generous, sweet British lady I know. I cherish our time together. Telling stories, learning about our family history. Looking through photos sharing laughs, she is a woman I never want to be in my past. It’s important to me to spend time with the ones that matter. Friends come and go but family is forever.


and i have a container full of Nana cookies 🙂


know what i mean?

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