People never cease to amaze me.

However it is somewhat of a harsh realization when you think you know someone so well and then they show you a side of them you didnt know existed. Life is like that though. Just when you think you got it figured out, you learn something new, your eyes are opened to more of the picture. To me, friendship is about loyalty. It’s about loving and being there for someone no matter what.

when they make poor decisions.

when they make choices you would not.

when they date people who suck.

when they are shitty.

It’s not always an easy task. People will let you down and dissappoint you, but friendship is about finding the ones that accept you anyway. Its about those few special, extremely patient and forgiving people, who say “It doesnt matter” Who put you above any circumstance, any situation. Unconditionally.

I am am so blessed to have so many of those people in my life. The Rogers, the Shane’s, Garits, Matt’s, Charlie’s, Chris’ and Kat’s of the world. You are the people that fucking matter. You are what Christ meant when he said This is what it means to love, to lay down your life for one another.  It’s not an easy task by any means. People suck sometimes, a lot of the times. They do things that you hate, that annoy you, that make you crazy. But to love, to really love another person, is to look past all the bullshit and see someone for who they really are, and be down for them.

I know that I am extremely difficult and stubborn at times. I am impatient and overly sarcastic. I have no filter and often say offensive things. I do dumb shit. I act crazy. But thats me. Not so perfect, but working on it. I don’t  expect a lot of people to handle it. My best friend said to me today, the only way you will ever get married is if you find someone to put up with your bullshit long enough. He couldnt be more right. And what a  sweet fine day that will be.

H20 pretty much nailed with this song


Yesterday you had to say goodbye
And I didn’t even have to wonder why
Cos’ we had so many things go wrong
I was there, but you were not as strong
Cos’ I will miss the good and bad

And all I wanted was someone to love me
Just the way the way I am
So far from perfect, just doing the best I can
You’re leaving and I know why
So look into these tear-filled eyes and know
I loved you through it all
It’s unconditional, It’s unconditional


know what i mean?

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