Drop Some Knowledge

Week 5 at Berkeley… things I have learned thus far

-In Kenya, when you tell someone to come over for dinner at 8, you really expect them to arrive around 10

-always pay the parking meter

– The president of Turkmenistan created a 246ft tall  monument with a gold structure of himself placed on the top of himself, his figure constantly rotated to face the direction of the sun (its called the Neutrality Arch)

….homie is dead and arch  is being dismantled… good run though eh?
-Malcolm X was not a violent-white-hating black man like I learned in primary school. He was actual a very genuine intellectual who wanted oneness in humanity and defended the plight of the black man.
– Roger reads aloud in his bedroom
we all have to go through our own process of transforming
-Sarah Palin slept with an NBA player in college….ooooooh he was black and shes a Tea Party enthusiast…the drama continues!!!
-The dictator of Russia is a total joke…and really thinks images like this will boost his popularity, I guess you’ll try anything to make up for the fact that you were not actually elected by the people.
– people everywhere are afraid of leadership, and will follow unless forced otherwise.
-North Korea’s famine was one of the saddest violations of human rights
-boys catch feelings just as much as girls, and are often more “butt-hurt” when those feelings aren’t reciprocated
-yelling at your kids “shut the fuck up, you a stupid ass nigga, boosty mothafucker” will have a profund effect on them. . . what we say is a reflection of what is in our hearts. its a heartbreaking situation sometimes.
-God answers prayers

know what i mean?

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